Trinity College Cake Fight

Depiction of a Trinity College Cake fight from archival collection

Submitted by Sylvia Lassam, Rolph-Bell Archivist, Trinity College

I arrived at Trinity College too late to view the Cake Fight in its heyday. One of Trinity’s most distinctive orientation traditions is a pale shadow of its former chaotic glory. Originating as a rather sweet tradition at the men’s residence at the corner of St. George and Harbord, it involved the first year men trying to get a cake (baked for them by the first year women), past the second years whose rooms were one floor below the frosh. Once the men took up residence at 6 Hoskin Avenue, the fight moved to Henderson Gate, with the frosh attempting to bring a cake from Philosopher’s Walk into the quad.  Their attempts at entry were vigorously defended from above by the sophomores, who pelted them with all manner of disgusting objects and liquids.  The entire College, including staff and faculty, turned out to watch the match, which only once was won by the frosh.

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