Successful Library Event

On Tuesday, 30 January, members of the Graham Library and Trinity College communities packed into the George Ignatieff Theatre to listen to Nick Mount, a professor in the English department and fellow of Trinity College, speak about his latest book, Arrival: The Story of CanLit.

Attendees were treated to an engaging lecture, with Professor Mount walking the crowd through the golden age of Canadian literature, peppering his primary thesis with amusing narratives heard firsthand from people who were there and explaining why he believes a period like that will never come again. He ended his remarks with a reflection on the reception the book has received, both positive and negative, and how it fits into a wider societal context. This was followed by a lively Q&A and a reception at the college.


The event was the first in the library’s new lecture series ‘Trinity Title Talks’, which will seek to showcase the published work of Trinity College Fellows, and introduce the Fellows and their work to the wider College and University community. If you’re interested in attending future talks, stay connected with the library and watch this blog.


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