From the Saunderson Rare Books Room: Wild Sports of the South

With all of this unpredictable winter weather we’ve had recently, nobody would blame even the hardiest of Canadians for considering a vacation to warmer climes. Florida, for instance, has always been a popular destination. If a trip like this sounds appealing, why not read up on some of the activities available to those visiting the region? Charles Whitehead published just the thing for prospective Floridian adventurers: The Camp-fires of the Everglades, or Wild Sports of the South (Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1891).


The book contains rather fetching illustrations of Florida swamps, and chapter titles such as “Turkey-Hunting,” “Turtle-Spearing,” “The ‘Painter’ in the Pig Pen,” “A Bear in Difficulty,” and “Supper”. Forget about Disney World; Whitehead has already created the perfect itinerary for a trip to The Sunshine State!


Did we mention the manatees?



Like all our rare books and special collections items, Wild Sports of the South is available for consultation any time in the John W. Graham Library. For further information, please inquire at the circulation desk or contact us at


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