e-Resource Spotlight: Archives Unbound


Archives Unbound provides researchers with access to digital collections of historical primary source material curated around specific topics.

Archives Unbound


The University of Toronto has access to 34 of these collections. Suitable for students and researchers alike, the topics are wide-ranging and include things such as Nazism in Poland as seen through the diary of its governor-general to the Pan Pacific Southeast Asia Women’s Association of the USA‘s records documenting the international women’s movement of the mid-twentieth century.

Featured Collection

Those in the International Relations community may be interested in the Palestine and Israel: Records of the U.S. Department of State, 1945-1959 collection. Consisting of over 77,000 images, the documents in this collection pertain to the creation of Israel and the roles the UN and USA played, correspondence between the US mission in Tel-Aviv and the State Department, and personal papers of individuals and records of organizations in the area.

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One can browse through the collections or the categories that the collections fall under, or search for something more specific.


Archives Unbound can be accessed here.

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