The benefits of packing for a move: Archives edition

By Sylvia Lassam, Rolph-Bell Archivist, Trinity College Archives

One of the benefits to moving is that it forces you to deal with things that have been put off for years.  Knowing that the move to the new archives facility is imminent I had to confront an enormous volume that has sat on the bottom shelf since I arrived as the Trinity archivist.

Large scrap book

The book in question.

It was too big for me to move, and I couldn’t open it because of the shelf above.  Quain Buchanan came to the rescue and placed the volume on our work table.  It turns out to be a scrapbook, containing all sorts of administrative records, probably maintained by Archibald H. Young, who at various points was Registrar, Dean of Men, Librarian, and Professor of Modern Languages.  The contents range in date from 1911 to 1930; it encompasses the First World War, and the move from Queen Street to Hoskin Avenue.  It also contains course descriptions and time tables, exams and lectures. There are notices and invitations to important events such as the 75th anniversary of the College, the installations of Provosts and the laying of the cornerstone for the new building in 1923.  Newspaper clippings tell of exam results (no privacy concerns at that time!) prizes and awards, and information on the War.
CollageLong-time archives volunteer Lynn McIntyre took on the task of disbanding the book so we could manage it.  She carefully removed the binding, leaving the signatures intact, and placed the pages into four oversized archival boxes in their original order.  An important record that documents College activities through some important years, it’s now ready to move to its new home this fall.

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