New to the Trinity Archives: Trinity Blazers

Two staff members model blazers

Graham Library staff members model the blazers

Within the last month the Trinity College Archives received gifts of two blazers, one blue and gold from St. Hilda’s, the other red and black from Trinity.  Alexandra Murphy called from England in March to see if we would like the blazer and a few other items from her recently deceased mother, Anne Jane Keays, 5T1.  After graduation Anne married a German, Klaus von Aulock, and lived abroad her entire life – Egypt, Singapore and lastly Cologne.  According to her daughter, “my mother never seemed to stop talking about Trinity!”

At the recent Divinity Associates meeting, the Rev. Robert G. Bettson (7T5) brought a blazer belong to his father, George Bettson (4T8), along with some lovely bits of ephemera from the 40’s.  These include a ticket to a Daphne DuMaurier play, presented at the University Extension Players, directed by George Bettson in 1949.

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