New Acquisition: The Parish of St. Bartholomew

The Graham Library, through the generosity of the Friends of the Library, has acquired a copy of the two-volume, The Parish of Saint Bartholomew, Ottawa, Canada: the first 150 years, 1866-2017 by Glenn J. Lockwood. (Ottawa: Corporation of Saint Bartholomew’s Church, 2017), produced in a limited edition of only twenty copies. (There is also a shorter, companion volume that summarizes the larger work, but is equally well-illustrated).


The parish of St. Bartholomew’s began at a time when the city of Ottawa –on whose outskirts the church was erected in the village of New Edinburgh –was establishing itself as the centre of Canadian political life. From the start there was a strong connection between St. Bartholomew’s and Rideau Hall for it was patronized by a succession of governors general, a patronage that has subsisted until today. All governors general, whether Anglican or not, have frequently occupied the vice-regal pew. But this is also a composite and detailed portrait of every aspect of church life, events and personalities over a century and a half.

Running to over 560 pages, the work is evidence of the loving and careful research invested by its author Glenn Lockwood, already established author on the history of the Ottawa Valley and archivist for the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, in writing this commemorative volume. The main narrative text is interspersed with copious illustrations, whether reproductions of maps, plans, original documents, stained glass, and full-page portraits in colour and black and white.

The set is currently on display in the Anglican room on the third floor of the library. Requests to consult it should be directed to the Special Collections librarian.

The edition has been added to the existing impressive collection of over 600 parish histories from all over Canada held by the Graham Library. The collection is a resource for students and scholars interested in the history of Anglican parishes across the country. For a guide to the collection see here.

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