New Resource: State Papers Online

screenshot of State Papers Online homepage


State Papers Online consists of a number of collections from the National Archives of the United Kingdom. U of T Libraries recently acquired access to a new series: Eighteenth Century, 1714-1782, Part 3: State Papers Foreign, Western Europe. With over 1200 manuscript volumes and approximately 275,000 folios, this rich collection provides a robust source of foreign policy documents from the eighteenth century.

State Papers Online Browse


With both browsing and searching options, State Papers Online gives the researcher flexibility in how they choose to explore the collection. Advanced searching options allow researchers to limit by very specific fields, such as the monarch in power at the time of document creation or the document’s source.

State Papers Online Advanced

In addition to searching and browsing capabilities, there is some curated content to help researchers get started. The Research Tools section contains a Key Documents collection, allowing researchers to see a list of relevant documents for each monarch’s reign, from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I.

State Papers Online Research Tools

For more information on the collection and to explore it, access it through our catalogue.


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