Unstudy Breaks for Students

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During the final exam and essay period students studying and working on papers can be a bit edgier than their usual delightful selves–not to mention the increased pile of contraband junk food wrappers in garbage cans that mysteriously appears at this time of year. As part of the broader Trinity College commitment to introducing mental health initiatives for students, Graham Library ran a pop-up “Unstudy Break” area near our periodicals section to help students briefly disengage with their studies, get up to stretch and go back fresh to their work. Activities on offer included a communal puzzle, origami and colouring sheets and book marks based on images from our rare and special collections. We didn’t expect that students would actually complete the oversize 2000 piece puzzle but they managed it…we think we saw a few Trinity staff members contributing as well.

As part of the Unstudy offerings, Trinity College Friends of the Library sponsored their first annual de-stress break in the cloister outside of the library. The Friends set-up for an hour one afternoon, invited students to stop by, chat with volunteers, and have a quick coffee and healthy treat (and maybe some brownies) before getting back to the library. Around 50 appreciative students came out of the library to partake and Friends volunteers enjoyed the opportunity to meet students at a time outside of one of their most stressful times of year–the annual Trinity Book Sale.

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