From the Archives: Alexander Scott Carter

By Sylvia Lassam, Rolph-Bell Archivist, Trinity College Archives

We are so fortunate at Trinity College to live and work around the beautiful designs of Alexander Scott Carter, an English architect and heraldic designer active in Toronto from 1912 to the 1960s.  Much of his artistic output can be found within walking distance of our campus – at St. Thomas’ Church on Huron Street, and in the Great Hall at Hart House.  He designed Trinity most elegant coat of arms, later deemed inaccurate and superseded.  Next time you’re walking around our main building, look out for bits of colour and you’ll likely be looking at a design by Carter:  the provostial coats of arms in the quad over the residential houses, the polychrome decorations and the arms of Queen Victoria in Strachan Hall, and my personal favourite, the gorgeous ceiling in the Lady Chapel.  He also designed the Mace that’s carried in convocation processions, a silver cross used in Chapel services, and the decorative elements at the base of our stone war memorial.

This original drawing, dated 1930, is in a file in the Bursar’s records, and shows a design for our seal, based on the arms of John Strachan.

Click on image to enlarge.

Alexander Scott Carter designed Coat of Arms

Coat of arms designed for Trinity College

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